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Garden Moles damaging gardens

Mole & Rabbit Control

Eco Pest Services deal with a lot of common garden pests, including garden moles and wild rabbits. Moles and rabbits can be a huge nuisance, destroying gardens, planted areas, golf courses, sports fields or parkland areas very quickly.

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Dealing with garden moles

Pest infestations come in all shapes and sizes, but garden moles are one the biggest pests around. They live for approximately 4 to 5 years, and in that time they can cause incredible problems for gardens, or estates that rely on having no mole hills dotted around the place!

Although mole catching is sometimes difficult, it is not much more difficult than trapping anything else, provided some care is taken when setting it up. If a mole is alerted to trapping attempts, it can become very evasive. For responsive and effective control and prevention of moles our experts use only approved methods for private householder and business clients.

At Eco Pest Services we use only the most humane and effective ways of dealing with garden pests such as moles and rabbits. Garden Mole control for homes and businesses. Fast and effective mole capture and removal to clear gardens and parks - call our team today to sort out that mole problem.

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Mole Problems in Midhurst - Claire Allmand-Smith

We are plagued by moles here in Midhurst, and were it not for the skill and dedication of Colin Richardson I would have to abandon a large part of my garden! Colin's cheerful good humour and confidence are vary reasuring.

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Colin Richardson Pest Control Specialist