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Hornets and Hornet Nests

Hornet Nests in West Sussex

Pest control professionals should be consulted before attempting to treat any hornet infestation. Hornets are typically aggressive, and some people may be allergic to their sting. Our specialists based in West Sussex deal with hornet nests and hornet issues for commercial and domestic properties.

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Dealing with hornet nests

The Giant European Insect Hornets have yellow and brown coloring, and they will aggressively defend their nests. A fertilized queen hibernates during the winter and emerges in the spring to establish new nests. Each colony may have 300 or more workers. They are active during the summer and spring months and are attracted to sweet foods. On the other hand, Yellow Jackets are particularly agressive, and these should be dealt with by a professional pest control company.

Dealing with Hornet Nests presents many risks, and should only be dealt with specialists who use toxic free treatments. At Eco Pest Services in Chichester we offer a fast response, and guaranteed specialist hornet control service. We specialise in all methods of effective hornet control in all types of properties, and offer a treatment to eliminate these issues.

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