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Mice and Rat Issues - Pest Control in Chichester

Rat Issues in West Sussex

The team at Eco Pest Services in Chichester employ various effective methods of eradicating, or controlling pests such as rats and mice who may have infested your property. We offer a sameday emergency rodent control service, and if you live in and around West Sussex, you can be sure of a immediate response for rat and mice problems. Call today for a free no obligation quotation. All work is guaranteed.

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Dealing with rats and mice

Eco Pest Services use a wide range of professional humane rodent traps, and professional rodenticides catering for all situations to eliminate rats and mice safely, efficiently and humanely.

We also will offer friendly and professional advice on how to prevent further rat infestation, or mice probelms and discuss various prevention methods with you at the time of us dealing with your problem.

Mice and rats will breed quickly and what might seem like a small problem today, can spiral out of control and end up costing much more in the long run to put it right. Eco Pest Services provide services to commercial properties, whereby we will call in every 2 to 3 months, and carry out full inspections. Rats and mice carry a lot of awful diseases, and they won't think twice about chewing through electrical cabling, or defacating wherever it suits them. Our team work quickly to eliminate the problem and guarantee a rodent-free result.

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Mouse droppings in home - Gabriel Ozique

We had Colin and Rob come over to our new property having used them before at another property. Last time they dealt with our wasps nest in the roof and this time we called them with a mouse problem and they identified a number of different routes into the property and quickly and efficiently eradicated the problem. They were around within a matter of hours because of how critical it was to us as the droppings were found in our newborn's nursery. They are pleasant, knowledgeable and likable and we have used them twice and will definitely use them again. I recommend them with confidence.

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Colin Richardson Pest Control Specialist