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Wasps Nest in Attic Roofspace

Wasp Nests in West Sussex

Eco Pest Services have an expert wasp and bee control team who will provide immediate assistance if you discover a wasp, bee or hornet nest at your property. A wasps' nest is rarely a welcome sight. Luckily, pest control experts are only a call away and are equipped to get rid of them with minimal disruption. Colin is a pest control expert who provides services in and around West Sussex. Call today for a free no obligation quotation. All work is guaranteed.

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Dealing with wasp nests

Wasps are notoriously aggressive insects and will sting with little provocation. If a wasp nest is disturbed the wasps will readily attack the person responsible and others nearby and it is not unusual that people can experience multiple wasp stings. Most people experience a painful sting and discomfort for several days afterwards, but for a minority of people a single wasp sting can be potentially fatal if they suffer from anaphylactic shock.

The treatment we apply will have an immediate effect, dramatically reducing the number of wasps within minutes or hours, depending upon the size of the nest. We can treat and remove all wasp and bee nests whether they are at low level, such as in garages, sheds or underground, or high level, in roofs, lofts and chimneys.

Wasps can be particularly dangerous, especially if the nest is threatened, so it is advisable that you do not tackle a nest yourself. Our professional team can provide a same-day emergency response to ensure the fast and effective control of any pests. Bees on the other hand are normally quite harmless, and are beneficial for plant pollination. We will advise you on whether the bees pose a threat to people or property and we will treat or remove them where necessary in circumstances where they cannot be moved to a safe location. Swarms of honey bees can be collected for bee keepers, while bumble bee nests can sometimes be relocated.

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Wasp Removal West Sussex - Vicky Dean

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Colin Richardson who came to help me at short notice with a forming wasps nest in my cooker hood. I tried a lot of different companies and Colin was the only one who could come same day, within 30 minutes! Professional, friendly and fast. Thank you!

We provide eco friendly pest control

Every living creature has a place but when it comes to wasps, hornets, moles, rats or mice invading your home, business or garden areas they can then become a pest. We use completely eco friendly methods to deal with pests, at the same time safeguarding children, people and pets from nasty stings.

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Wasps Nest in Roof Tiles

The video above shows a wasps nest hidden just a houses roof tiles. The actual nest was much larger than the householders realised, and there were literally thousands of wasps who were unwelcome pests in this family home.

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